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When churches closed during the pandemic, Fr. Jon got busy digitizing common parish processes.


Knowing post-pandemic growth would be hardfought, Fr. Jon wanted to provide parish leadership with the information they need to make better decisions in real-time.


ISIDORE was the fruit of his labor: timesaving software so parish staff can focus on the more important part of ministry and a single source for quantitative and qualitative data about Masses, baptisms, weddings, funerals, other events, and the parish campus.

This is Us


Jon Thomas

Founder & CEO / CTO

He started it all --
the one with the vision
for bringing
 parish leadership
the data they need 

to make better decisions.

Ellen Estallo

Chief Marketing Officer

Determined to grow ISIDORE
by carefully planning, developing,
and executing business strategies
from its creative influence to its marketing & advertising initiatives.


Felix Torres

Brand Strategist

ISIDORE's expert
in graphic and information design on technology-related branding, digital production & media.


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